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Event Emcee for Hire

Event Emcee - Hire Andrew for Your Seminar or Corporate Event

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An event emcee can guide the flow of your corporate event and keep the crowd both engaged and entertained. Hire an MC for events that cover any topic, to bring enthusiasm and energy to the audience.

Andrew Norelli has hosted hundreds of corporate events for companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. He’s also made appearances on Comedy Central, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Late Show with David Letterman. To learn more about a professional, tastefully humorous event with Andrew, contact us with the form at the bottom of this page. Or you can read on to learn more about event emcees and what to expect.

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What is an event emcee?

An event emcee is the master of ceremonies, or the host of the event responsible for both representing the event organizers and keeping the event on schedule. The best event host MC’s are appropriately humorous and engaging and know when and how to energize the audience to keep interest levels high.

A professional event emcee is more than just a talking head. Engaging an audience to maintain momentum between speakers is a skill that helps unify topics and ideas.

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Why do you need an event emcee?

You need an event emcee if you want the event to be successful and memorable for the attendees. An event host is a great choice if you have introductions of other speakers and presenters, and you want those introductions to sound professional. An emcee for a seminar, for example, will build up the speakers and quickly highlight their resumes and credits, so the audience has more excitement and engagement when the speakers take the stage. Studies show an audience can often lose attention in just 7 minutes. An emcee’s job is to keep re-engaging the audience to keep them attentive throughout the day or evening.

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What does an event emcee do?

A professional event emcee aids in the process of coordination before your event and keeps the event flowing smoothly. Before your event, a professional event emcee:

  • Prepares clever and succinct commentary

  • Obtains bios on speakers and guests

During your event, an event host MC:

  • Keeps your event on schedule

  • Captivates and engages the audience with humor, storytelling, and improvisation

  • Introduces guests and speakers and helps the audience maintain focus during transitions

What type of events can emcees host?

Event emcees can host any event that requires coordination and scheduling of events, speakers, or activities.

  • Emcees for seminars

  • Conferences

  • Awards shows

  • Conventions

  • Galas

  • Fundraising dinners

  • Corporate parties

  • Keynote events

How to hire an event emcee

To hire an MC, consider their history and resume. Which companies have they done emcee work for? Have they appeared on television? How long have they been a professional emcee? An MC doesn’t learn how to give a polished, or tastefully humorous, presentation overnight. It takes 15-20 years of experience.

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"Microsoft cooked up a tough assignment for Andrew: host a night time talk show for 100 top innovation executives.  It was a huge success and shows how Andrew can stretch and perform for a wide range of challenges."

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